Monday, June 27, 2016

8 Months

This week pretty much rocked! I'm starting to get used to being a trainer. I can't think of a whole lot that happened.. On Tuesday or Wednesday we were riding around and we thought we should stop intothis man named Kenny, he's not very interested, in fact he's a bit crazy. He thinks Joseph Smith saw aliens and kinda weird stuff like that. But he's cool and fun to talk to. So we get there and we see these little kids like 9-10 year olds playing basketball so we stop and play with them. We've played with them before.  So we're playing basketball with them and one of their moms comes out and gives us some water and orange juice.   She kept telling us how thankful she was and how good we are to the community and a bunch of crazy stuff. It was awesome! So she invited us to have a bbq with her and her family the next week.  So this week we went to her house and had some burritos and tostadas and a bunch of stuff with her and her family! It was awesome! Then we taught her the restoration. She is so interested.  I can't really tell if she is just the perfect investigator who wants to know everything or if she's just being nice because we play with her son.  Either way she is always telling us how great we are and asking questions. It rocked! 

On Sunday I had a very spiritual experience. We had a Hymnimony in sacrament meeting. Which just means instead of going up and bearing your testimonies you go up and share a hymn that means something to you and then the congregation sings 2 verses of that hymn. I felt the spirit so many times. The spirit was there throughout
the whole meeting but there were times where the spirit just really hit me. Then Brother Jones went up and shared an experience with the song Be Still My Soul.  Whenever I hear that song it, of course, always makes me think of Grandma (since we sang it at her funeral) and I get a frog in my throat, but I can usually make it through the song. Well on Sunday within the first 5 words I couldn't hold my tears back. At first I was a little bit embarrassed honestly. I was sitting in the middle of sacrament meeting crying. But then I had this feeling that I was ok. My crying was
because Grandma was with me. It was very special. And yes, I wrote it in my journal. It's hard to explain how awesome it was. It was an amazing day. And now you guys went and visited her grave today, which makes
things so special. I miss going grave hopping with the cousins. Tell them I'm doing great and I'm training! And tell them some of my favorite memories were grave hopping with them on Memorial Day. 

I miss and love you mom. Tell the others I miss and love them too.

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