Monday, June 27, 2016

23 May 2016

Elder Green the Greenie and Elder Yule the Trainer

Alright, so my new companion. Straight out of the MTC. When you're brand new you're called a greenie or you're green, of course you know that. His name is Elder Green.... Yup Elder Green!  Green the greenie. He seems nice! I've only been with him for 4 and a half days so far. He's a skinny little guy. He's from Ogden. MTC  And he's pretty green. In the greenie sense. Which is good. He's all gung-ho about working.   And of course I'm certainly not an expert on how to work, but I've had good companions who have taught me a little bit on how to do our work. It's definitely weird being the senior companion and training him. I'm just going off of kind of my basic knowledge I guess. President Marston said he was going to get me a book or a paper or something called "You Know Enough", so hopefully he does that pretty soon, haha. I'd also like to tell you how incredible president Marston is. When I was in the mission office picking up Elder Green we had a little meeting with the trainers. There were about 6 of us. When we finished that meeting and we were walking out and president walked up next to me and kind of gave me a little shoulder push and said "Elder Yule, how are you!?" With a big old smile on his face. I said I was doing great! I told him I was pretty nervous, but I was excited. Then he said "I have all the confidence in the world in you Elder Yule. There more things in store for you, but you have to train before you do those things." He is an incredible man
who has so much love inside him. 

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