Sunday, October 16, 2016

Antelope, California

It rained for the first time in months!  It was awesome.

10 October 2016

Hello Mum,

I dont think i sent you a picture of my cake did I? I'll send you. I told you a sister in the zone made it for me, it looked great!  We had Mission Leadership Council this week and I wore the tie you sent me and EVERYONE loved it and complimented it. Also for my birthday I might have told you this but we had to get tiwi put in our car and the guy was really late, so we sat in the mission office until about 4 o'clock. So really I had a 2 hour p-day on my birthday. We usually just play some basketball with such a small zone.

So our baptism candidates..... it's a little bit complicated with one of them. It is a requirement for baptism for them to come to church at least 3 times before they are baptized and S. hasn't and won't be able to reach that with her date being on Oct. 22. She always cancels right before her ride gets there. She wants to be baptized but can't make the
leap of faith that it takes. So she is not on date right now.  We will pick a new date this week I am sure. It is quite frustrating of course, but we know if Heavenly Father wants her to be baptized at this time, she will. Our other women on date, C., seems to be solid.  We had a prompting to call her the other night and just check in on her and see how she is doing and it turns out that she had to have a kind of emergency surgery the day we called, so she really appreciated that we were thinking about her.

As for the rest of our area there isn't too much extra work. We are teaching a young women in the YSA, her name is A, and she is awesome. She always has really good genuine questions and she is fun to teach!  We took her on a chapel tour, and taught some of the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson.  She is really cool. And she did come to church yesterday. Thank heavens the people in the YSA are so friendly and welcoming. The relief society president came right over as soon as she walked in and introduced herself and asked if she wanted to sit next to her. People like that make my job a thousand times easier. Also there is this really big (not fat, really thick and muscular)
Polynesian guy in the YSA who talked to A. for a long time and A. is this tiny little black girl, I'd be surprised if she weighs more than 110 pounds.  But she and this guy just hit it off and they talked for ages. It was pretty sweet. Haha!

I love and miss you guys so much!

3 October 2016- Calum's 20th Birthday

Hi Mum! Sorry I haven't written. Early today we had to get tiwi put in our car. I might have already told you about it but if I didn't, it's basically a monitoring system for our car so we don't go too fast or drive aggressively.  So we were told it might take a few hours. Well the installation guy was late. So my P-day birthday started at 4.  We had to sit at the mission office from 10-4 so it wasn't the best p-day/birthday ever, but it's been an awesome day still. We got to see some other cool missionaries.
That's cool about our plant. Which one is it?
From my letter to Calum: Well, I hope you have a lovely birthday!  I am thinking about you and missing you very much.  You are on the downhill slide.  It's so hard to believe you have been gone a year.  I think about you and miss you every day.  But I never think about you being gone for two years.  That's such a long time.  I just think from one Monday to the next when I know I will hear from you.  So I really only miss you for one week at a time.  Have a wonderful birthday!  Celebrate with your companions.  Let me know everything you do.  
It really doesn't feel like a year!  But a lot has happened. I think it's the same for me, I just take it week by week and that doesn't seem to make it feel so long.
I'll write more later. I love you mum. I'm thankful for you guys at home and I miss you.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

October General Conference 2016

Pancakes for Conference lunch!
We tried to make an A for Antelope

This is the Antelope, California Stake Center.  It is a massive building!  It has 2 chapels.  They jokingly call it the Antelope Temple.

25 September 2016

Something exciting happened this week too! It doesn't feel that crazy, but when you think about it it's pretty cool. We got an online referral for a women named CM. We go over there and meet her, and she wants to be baptized!  Within 20 minutes we had settled on a date!  It all just happened so fast it didn't feel crazy. Haha. So we have S and C on date for baptism.  When a few weeks ago we had nothing going. It's weird how things pick up then stop then pick up and stop. It's a funny little cycle. Transfers were this week too.  Stoddard and I are staying together as ZLs.  We got a new greenie from Pleasant Grove.  He played soccer there. I'm pretty sure we played them once? It's kind of weird, he and another greenie in the zone graduated in 2016. It doesn't feel like it's been that long. 
One year this Friday. (Calum's one year mark was September 30th!)

So this week I did some laundry, and umm.... I left a pen in my pocket... my shirt pocket... my white shirt pocket..... so there are some blue lines on some of my shirts.  A women in Chico told me to spray the marks with hairspray and wash them again so I'll try that first, but if you have any ideas let me know. And it's really not too bad. It's mostly just a few dots here and there. And they're hardly noticeable.

I hope you guys are being blessed for what I'm doing.  I go out and get to feel the spirit all the time and have fun with some cool missionaries and you guys are blessed, that's a pretty "slick deal."(That's kinda trying to be like granddad) we sure are blessed. I dunno if I've already told you this but someone in Redding would always say "too blessed to be stressed" which I think is a pretty cool little saying. I love and miss you guys.