Monday, June 27, 2016

5 June 2016

Now this week for me was alright. First, on Tuesday morning we went and got haircuts.  Most places were closed for Memorial Day on Monday. We pass this place called "Bushwackers" just about every day and it looks super fun and unique and it was always a joke that we should go to Bushwackers for haircuts. Well Tuesday we did it! And I got the worst haircut I have ever received! No joke! The Elders volunteered me to go first.  So when they saw my head they all made an excuse to the women and we all left! Haha!  So then went to a place called "Gearheads" in downtown Chico. I asked the guy if he could just clean me up and make it look better if he could. I explained the situation, how we tried this new place, and I didn't have the heart to tell the old women she did a crap job, and I paid her 12 dollars for a no good haircut. So this guy fixed me up and I went to pay and he said I was good. He didn't even make me pay. It was so cool! Now I'm going to Gearheads anytime I need a haircut.  The rest
of the week was pretty boring and quite frustrating honestly. Numbers were not good this week for Green and I. And yes I know "numbers don't show how hard you are working" but they are a pretty good indicator of how effective you are and how well you're planning and stuff. So I was quite frustrated and quite mad if I'm honest. And I didn't know if the numbers were all correct because our area book app wouldn't sync right.  And elder green still doesn't know 100% how to put in lesson reports.  I keep showing him, but I guess he still needs to be shown more. So some lessons weren't counting towards numbers.  But I feel pretty good and I think next week will be better. So that's always good.

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