Monday, June 27, 2016

20 June 2016

The weather here has been very similar to Seattle the last couple of days.  It made me sad when I saw the pictures of granddaddy. He is tiny. He does not sound well. I miss him. Even his teeth and smile didn't seem like his teeth and smile.  I loved getting emails from you in the middle of the week. It is always very nice. And I got the trousers. All the other Elders say you rock because of all the treats you sent. Haha! So thank you.  The pants are a little bit too long now! But it's fine. And there are definitely people here who can fix pants.  My companion and I are doing better. We are opening up and being honest with each other. Not that we were like holding back our feelings, but I have been able to tell him more things constructively and I think he has realized that it's because I'm trying to help him. It was a weird week. We had a meeting for trainers and trainees and it was really good. Again numbers were kind of low this week but I feel better this week. I only have about 7 weeks left in Chico. The president told me they need me down south, whatever that means.  So I'm kinda looking forward to that. I miss you guys. And love you.

-Elder Yule

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