Monday, March 14, 2016

14 March 2016

Elder Phelps is really close with a family in Rocklin and they took us down and we did an endowment session.
It was so cool!!

My week was crazy!  We had zone conference, which was cool.  It rained non stop!  First we biked through a 6 inch puddle. Then through a little stream that went up to my calf.  Then we went on a little path under a bridge that was flooded.... It was literally up to my waist! I couldn't tell if I was being disobedient by swimming!  We didn't know it would be that deep.. We just kind of went and then half way through my entire butt was in a river.... Yeah it was crazy. We were already soaked from the rain so it didn't do much, but it was a bit scary and a bit fun, haha! We have this great new investigator who referred herself on, so she is really into it. She has been through a lot of sad stuff recently. So she loves the incredible message of the restored gospel and how Heavenly Father loves us. She is great. She even asked how she would go about getting baptized. Elder Phelps said "well first you talk to the missionaries." And she said "check." It's sweet, haha!  She is super excited and we are excited for her.

It was a good week but I hope this one is a little bit better and more dry. My shoes are fine. I might try to find a cheap pair of black dress shoes to wear in the rain because after wearing them in the rain they are soaked for days.

I miss you mum and I love you. I'm proud of you as well for being such a good principal. I bet your job is harder than mine. I get to tell people stuff they want to hear, and you don't always get to do that. Love you mum. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Some before mission photos

Before his mission, Elder Yule had long hair.  He said the people of his mission don't believe it and want to see photos.  So I thought I would share a couple of photos here.  

7 March 2016

This week was ROUGH! Yeah... Sunday a member gave us taco salad for dinner.  Monday night members gave us taco salad.  Tuesday there was a funeral for a woman in the ward and they had a dinner and they had leftovers so they thought the missionaries might need dinner.  So they came and dropped off some left over...... Taco salad! Haha! I hadn't been feeling well that day and the taco salad just made it worse. I was up throwing up all night.  I didn't want to wake up Elder Phelps so I decided if he asks me if I'm alright then I'll ask him to give me a blessing. Which wasn't a good plan.  About half an hour later he asked how I was doing. I said terrible, and will you give me a blessing. He gives incredible blessings. He said my sickness wouldn't affect our work.  But we stayed in the
apartment for 3 days. I kept throwing up.  But then on Friday we went out again and same on Saturday. And when we reported numbers ours were right on track with the rest of the zone!! How cool is that. Elder Phelps is going to be a patriarch someday.  I'm sure of it.
Elder Yule and Elder Phelps
Chico, California

Sunday, March 6, 2016

29 February 2016

Hi mum!

So this week was crazy! Pretty much all good! We moved 3 people. They were all pretty simple, not a whole lot of stuff to move but it was all good service! Tuesday we went on exchanges, I went up to Paradise with Elder Fife.   Elder Fife is from Sandy, Utah. He played soccer for Jordan High School. We talked soccer and he asked what high school I went to.  I said Hillcrest and he asked if I knew Chris Carden and John Goldner and Adam King and Ryan Heslop. I said yeah I love those guys!  Ryan is my best friend! I asked how he knew them. He said we played on the same club team..... Wait? You play on the same soccer team as most of the Hillcrest boys... And Ryan Heslop plays for them too??? This guy played for Red Hot FC! My team!  He was on the older team but in the summer, if you remember, we practiced with the older boys at least 4 times a week!  We saw each other multiple times a week for months! I guess he and I only talked to each other a few times or something but he couldn't figure out which one I was.  Then I told him I had the man bun and he said "no way that was you!?"  Haha how crazy is that? 

Alright so this week we met with a women named K and her caretakers C and M. They all want to be baptized!! I've only met them about 3 times and Phelps says he only met them about 5 or 6 times. We don't have a date for them just yet but it's crazy the spirit I feel when we are all together. They constantly tell us how they feel the Holy Ghost and how it just feels so special, and they don't feel it anywhere else. Holy cow I'm just so excited for them. And 
Elder Phelps seems to have some kind of little connection with them. He answers their questions perfectly, ALWAYS! It's incredible. Elder phelps is an incredible missionary. He can answer any question with a scripture. And answer it so it makes sense. He has only been out for 6 months. He's about 6 weeks ahead of me. Technically he's been out for around 6 1/2 months, because a transfer is every 6 weeks and I hit my 5 month mark today! Crazy crazy.  So Elder Phelps is a genius. And he's helping me become smarter as well. I'm excited to be with him. With past companions I was obedient, but there were some things that we weren't perfect on. With Elder Phelps we seem to do a lot better at being exactly obedient, and of course we still aren't perfect, haha, but we do better. And man oh man does it show! Just this week, we picked up a few investigators, M, C, and K are all progressing tremendously.  We have been receiving referrals.  It's easier to talk to people.  Our confidence has gone up.  It's just amazing to see what kind of blessings come from being more obedient.

So notice how I said "pretty much all good".... Well the first one isn't that bad. Haha. It was just a bit awkward.  We were teaching the restoration and I'm talking about the first vision and what not and I end up forgetting the first vision quote! You know the "I saw a pillar of light....." It was just awkward.  Phelps had my back though!  Then some elders in the YSA ward here in Chico had a baptism! Which went really well, but they asked us if we would teach the restoration while they changed out of their wet clothes... That was a bit scary.  We did really well and everything went smoothly, but Elder Phelps said "Jordan Smith" instead of Joseph Smith! Hahaha! I could not stop
laughing but he didn't even notice that he said it. It was funny. The poor guy. I mean everyone knew what he meant but it was just funny. If you have seem the best 2 years when the new guy is talking about how he knows Joseph Smith was a prophet and he has the little restoration pamphlet and he accidentally says "and I know that Joseph Smith was a pamphlet." An honest mistake but still kind of funny. Phelps is laughing about it too though, don't worry.  But we had a fantastic week. 

Oh one more thing! I fell off my bike! Haha! I feel like a true missionary. So all the curbs here are like the ones in Saint George.  Just like a little wave and not all squared off. (I think they're like that in St. George, right?).  So we go up and down them on our bikes all the time,  But when there's a water drain it gets squared off.. So I'm going up and down these curbs and I try to go up one but it's right next to a drain so it's not completely wavy and it was too square.   I hit it and just like rolled into a little rock garden thing.  It hurt like heck, but I couldn't stop laughing. Haha! I was so excited that I could now say I've crashed my bike!  It was great. Then I put some gloves on that another elder gave me (because my hands were a bit bloody) and we rode to our next appointment!  It was funny.