Sunday, December 18, 2016

11 December 2016

Elder Yule and Elder Lewis in Antelope, California

Hello mother!

Yes I'm being transferred! I'm excited. Part of me is really sad but the rest of me is excited. I'm going to the Lincoln 5th Ward with Elder Cobabe. I know him a little bit. He is from Texas.  He's a manly man, all about guns, cars, country music and working out. So it's going to be fun! And he's notorious for helping his companions build a ton
of muscle. So I'm pretty pumped. And I've heard so many great things about the Ward. It's just going to be good.

That time lapse video of you decorating the Christmas tree is so cool! It's so cute with the three of you guys. It
looked like Riley was very helpful! I remember last Christmas I was home we had to have that fence around the tree so he couldn't get things. You can probably send the packages to my Lincoln address. It's just the apartments I'm living in now that are kinda sketchy. I'm sure the new one will be nicer. The man I got the sweaters from wasn't a member. Or an investigator really. You remember CM?  She is the one we baptized at the beginning of November. It was her step dad. We actually set a baptism date for her mother though. I'm a little bit sad I won't be here for that. 

I'm glad granddad is doing well. I love when it rains here. I love when it rains anywhere really, but it's just usually sunny here so I'm happy when it rains especially.

I'm quite jealous that you guys are watching those Christmas movies! I miss those! The house looks great too. It's crazy to see wood in the kitchen floor.  Haha! I'm also very glad Riley's dentist appointment went better than last time. He's a good boy, he is.

This week was good for us here! We passed out a ton of Christmas pass along cards!  Apparently we left one with our phone number on a Pastor's door. His name is Pastor Dan. He put our number in a big group text-thing so we keep getting texts from random people with Bible verses and stuff. It's funny!  

We had our Ward Christmas party. They did a live nativity thing.  The Elder's quorum were supposed to be in charge of the shepherds, but there were no elders there, except us. So we played the shepherds in the live nativity! 
I'm sad to be leaving Antelope. I got to know a few people really well. But I've heard incredible things about Lincoln and I'm excited!   I miss you guys and cannot wait to see you on Christmas. I love you!

Calum's new address:

Elder Calum Yule
174 South O Street, Apt 224
Lincoln, CA 


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