Sunday, January 1, 2017

18 December 2016

Hello mum,

That's ridiculous that school is going for that long! I think that would be a fun Christmas Eve party! Just watch a movie and open some pajamas.  Make sure you send me the Santa pictures!  And pictures from the lights!  It sounds like a good Relief Society lesson.

This week was good here. It was pretty tough if I'm honest. When I get the idea in my head that someone is better or cooler than me I get nervous and self conscious. So that's how I was with Elder Cobabe for the first few days. I think I'm better now, haha.  This Ward is pretty cool. So anywhere we've gone so far I've been quiet and shy. And I hate that. I will just have to warm up and relax I guess. But church was awesome on Sunday. The Ward is really good. They are all really nice to us! They spoil is a little bit! Our fridge is full of food from members. It's awesome! Last night we had dinner with an older couple, the Stewart's. She is from Belgium and he is from Scotland! So I feel like he and I really hit it off! We talked about tartans and kilts and where dad is from and all sorts of stuff. They asked to see my dad in his kilt so I showed them the picture of he and Riley when they went to the Highland games. They said he looks like a"tough" man. Which I though was really funny that they used the word tough haha 😂 it was awesome! They told us we were welcome at their house any time! I'm excited to get to know them better. On Thursday it was pouring! There were floods in the streets and in people's backyards.  Elder Cobabe was telling me about a crazy service his trainer went to.  It was flooding really bad and they needed help so people called the elders and they sandbagged all day and got soaking wet and worked all day. Literally 10 minutes after that someone called us and asked us to come help sandbag! Haha!  It was just a little job in someone's backyard, keeping it away from their door, but we felt really excited that we could do something like that! It was fun. I'm sooooooo excited to see you guys on Sunday!  I'm not sure where or when we will do it yet, but I'll let you know. I love and miss you guys!

Elder Yule

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