Sunday, December 11, 2016

27 November 2016

That sounds like an awesome weekend! I miss all the family. I miss fun trips to Saint George! I was pretty home sick this week. But it was still a fun week. There really wasn't anything notable that happened. Thanksgiving was good. Elder Lewis left his iPad on the roof of the car and of course it fell off. So it broke. We tried to find a place
that would fix it, but there we couldn't find anywhere. Finally Lewis said a prayer. We were driving to go see someone and there was a big poster outside this little place that said iPad repair. We went in and there was a middle eastern man who was just awesome. He did everything he could to get the price down for him and it ended up doing everything for 85 dollars. And it's perfectly fine now. He was a blessing haha. I've heard a lot about "terrorists" and stuff like that and I absolutely hate it. It really bugs me that people automatically think people from the Middle East hate Americans and they want to kill us. We had Thanksgiving dinner at a member in the Antelope 4th ward, the Castro family. They are really awesome.  It was so fun. I'm glad you guys had so much fun down in St. George! I'd love more pictures and videos and everything! Everyone looked so good! I can't wait for next
Thanksgiving haha! 
I'm sure you've seen the new Light the World video! It's awesome! It really helps us out a lot! It gives us something to focus on rather than just trying to make something up on the spot. I'm really excited for the 25 days of service thing. Are you guys going to do it? We really aren't working with anyone lately. It's kind of boring. And finding people to teach is quite hard, haha. But we are just trying to go hard on teaching less actives, they say that's the
place to find new investigators. So that's pretty much the basics of our missionary work lately. I have a feeling I'm going to be transferred at this next transfer. Which is on the 13th. I think that'll be good. I've been pretty depressed lately. Over nothing in particular. I can't stand it. I hope the holiday seasons cheers me up, and kind of changes my mindset. 
I miss you guys so much, I can't wait to see you guys on Christmas. Let's hope this week is more exciting here, so I have something to write home about. haha. I love and miss you.

Elder Yule

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