Sunday, December 11, 2016

20 November 2016

Hi Mum,

This week was good. I came down with a bit of a cold on Thursday morning so zone conferences on Friday got the bad part of the cold. So it was kinda tough sitting through it. But it was good. They showed the Christmas initiative, it's a really cool video. They have a preview one out now, but the official one comes out on Friday I think. I'm excited for it. So you saw that we had to write talks about how the Book of Mormon has strengthened our testimony of Jesus Christ. So what happens is we all write a talk and while we are singing the opening hymn president writes some names on a piece of paper and gives it to whoever is conducting the meeting, then they just say the names. So we don't know who is going to give a talk. Well I got called on and gave my talk and what not, it was good. I was a little bit nervous with my sore throat. But I got through it and I thought I did alright. A. is doing great. She is coming to church and going to activities, she's gotten pretty close to some of the girls in the Ward. It's good. So no one in our Ward signed up to feed us on Thanksgiving. So a member in the Antelope 4th Ward offered to feed us.  I love the missionaries in my zone and I love my companion right now.  

That's probably best for granddad not to travel to St. George for Thanksgiving. That will be a fun trip. I was just thinking the other day how fun road trips down to Saint George and up to Seattle were. I miss those a lot. I've gotten a little less scared of driving since I've been out here, Elder Lewis doesn't really like driving so I've been doing most of it here. So when I come home I will help out driving more! 

 I'm glad youre not giving in to what people want just to be happy.  In our first Missionary Leadership Conference meeting, the new zone leaders are asked to stand and say what they want to accomplish while they are a zone leader. One Elder stood up and said "I just want to make everyone happy." And President kind of shut him down for that.  Leaders are not supposed to make everyone happy.  They are supposed to do what is right, and help others do the same. So it's cool to here that you already do everything that we are taught to do out here. I really miss listening to Queen sometimes haha! But I feel like I will appreciate them so much more when I get home.

Wednesday morning Elder Lewis and I were doing our studies when the smoke detector went off.  Well we had a candle lit so I blew it out quickly, then fanned the smoke out. The detector stopped beeping so we think it's all good.  Well a few seconds later our carbon monoxide alarm goes off...... so we are kind of freaking out, we left our apartment and just stayed away from it for the day, when we got back for the evening we remembered stories of missionaries sleeping with a carbon monoxide leak and dying in the night. So we called President a few times and he just didn't answer, so finally it was about 10:15 and we don't know what to do. We don't want to go to sleep and not wake up, but we don't want to do something President would not approve of. But we figured getting scolded would be better than dying.... so we shove 2 mattresses into our little Corolla... yes, 2 twin sized mattresses into our Corolla.  We folded them in half, one in the trunk and one in the backseat, and we drove to the 4th ward elders place and we spent the night there. We called President in the morning and told him what happened and he said we made the right choice. He also told us that these kinds of monitors get dust in them really easily so to clean it out then see what happens... so we cleaned it out and it never went off again. So it was just a false alarm but it was quite scary, haha! 

I love and miss you guys. I love those videos of little Riley. Anytime any of the guys in the district I'm in get frustrated they now say it like Riley in that video haha! They think he's so cute! And so do I! I love you and miss you. I hope you have a good week.

Elder Yule

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