Sunday, December 11, 2016

4 December 2016

Hey Mum!

Transfers are next week, and I'm feeling 50/50 on whether I'll be transferred at this point. It could go either way. 

I'm so glad you are doing the Light the World thing! It's cool to see others do it. I liked how on the calendar yesterday said "attend a church service, you are always welcome to one of ours." I just thought that was kinda cute.

So I made this vow when I was a greenie that I wouldn't listen to Queen my entire mission. You know like if you go in a store and they have music on, that's fine, but if it's Queen I can't go in the store. I don't want to hear them until I'm home.  I refuse to listen to them out here. They will sound so much better when I'm home!

Will you take a time laps of you guys decorating the tree? Elder Osborne's mom did that with his family, I think that would be fun to see! I'd love some pictures of the house. That's good to hear Granddad is eating better. Do they have people come to their house and help him and Nana out?

I get 140 dollars a month on my mission card. And yeah it's for food and toiletries and stuff like that.  That's all I ever really buy anyway. The real thing is I eat out too much, but I haven't found something that I really want to make at lunch everyday. I just bought some taco/burrito stuff so I hope that keeps me set on lunch for a few weeks. That's  the only thing that I really have a hard time with haha! I will try to do better. 

(From Mum:  Here is my quote for Growth Mindset for this week  “Think of times other people outdid you and you just assumed they were smarter or more talented.  Now consider the idea that they just used better strategies, taught themselves more, practiced harder, and worked their way through obstacles.  You can do that, too, if you want to.”)  
I like that quote though. It's hard to compare to others sometimes. But we know it's better not to. 
This week was great! We has a lesson with C. M's mother.  Her husband just passed away, so we taught her the plan of salvation. She told us that she always had her own beliefs about God and religion but she said she never ever disagreed with the LDS church. So we set a baptism date for her.  We are excited for her. We also had dinner
with our investigator named M. She is awesome and just as social as can be. She always makes us feel welcome and always is interested in hearing about the gospel. We will hopefully help her progress here soon. We are planning on getting all Christmasy this week.  Setting up decorations and a tree and going caroling and what
not. I'm super excited! We will take lots of pictures. It's going to be a good Christmas season. I can't wait to see you on Christmas! Love you guys.

Elder Yule
Big Christmas Tree in Roseville.

We taught Zone Meeting today.  Both of these sweaters were given to me by a man who passed away last week.

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