Sunday, December 11, 2016

13 November 2016

Hello Mum,

We have having zone conferences. They are always fun. The Christmas initiative is going to be introduced. Isn't that crazy? This is my second Christmas initiative.... they are always fun and missionary work is always good this time of year. (From Mum:  My favourite scriptures that have strengthened my testimony of Jesus Christ are 3 Nephi 17.  This is when Jesus blesses the children.  He shows such compassion for them.  That always touched my heart.)  I really like that chapter too, I might use that one. 

(I asked Calum:  Next week I am teaching in relief society about 'how to teach the gospel'.  One part talks about helping childen - thinking of young men or young women or primary age - to have their testimony and faith be in the gospel and the teachings and not in the the teacher.  I know that was a big deal as a missionary.  We did our part, but sometimes the converts had their attachment to the missionaries and when the missionary left the convert didn't always stay.  So we really tried to help the ward members friendship the converts to help avoid that.  What have you done to help the converts not have the attachment be to you as missionaries?  How are you sure their testimony is in the church and not just a love of you missionaries?)   That's a tough one sometimes. Sometimes people just like the person more than the gospel. That's a good way to do it, helping them have friends in the Ward. Really I think that's what the baptismal interview is for. All the interview is is bearing your testimony on what they've been taught. And you can tell if they actually have a testimony.

Sorry this email has been so short. I don't know why but I just am not in a super talkative mood right now. A few days ago we gave a man a blessing.  He was on hospice and wasn't doing very well.  When I gave the blessing I felt prompted to say that he would pass soon, and to release him into the next life. I felt scared to say it and I was shaking a little bit, but I said it. The family said that he had been cranky and mad and just not doing well, but after I gave the blessing they said he made his transition into the next stage of the process of passing away. I felt bad. But the family was happy to see him finally progress and be more peaceful. 

I miss you guys. Send me pictures of all of you guys. How is everyone doing? Are you still walking every day? Are the girls dating anyone? I love and miss you.

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