Sunday, August 28, 2016

18 July 2016

Hi mum,

I've missed you guys a lot recently. Just you guys being in Seattle is so weird because I'm not there! It looks so fun! I miss my granddad too. It makes me sad to see those pictures. He is so small. But I'm glad all of you guys are there with him.  Those pictures are awesome! Riley is so big! And you guys look awesome. 
This week for me was pretty good. We seemed to teach more lessons than we usually do this week, so it felt good.  It  felt like we worked pretty hard. Friday and Saturday were both pretty cool. Friday we went to this big yard sale, just to check it out and there was this really sweet pocket knife.  So I asked the guy what he was selling it for and
he said, "Ah you can have it. I've had it for 20 years.  In another 20 years you can give it to someone else!" So I asked if he was sure and he said "yeah please!"  That was really cool of him.  I shook his hand and asked if he was going to need some help cleaning stuff up when the sale was over.  He said he wouldn't be there, but his wife would.  Saturday night we helped this women pack stuff up. Her husband had told her about us and she was telling us what he's like. He is a security guard for San Quentin prison... Which is one of the hardest prisons in the U.S. Charles Manson was in San Quentin. One of the only prisons in the U.S. that still has death row apparently. And a few years ago this guy was one of the guards on death row!  So we have all these crazy theories that he confiscated the knife from a prisoner and now he gave it to me. Which is pretty cool if you ask me. Also on Saturday Elder Green lost his name tag.  So we go all over the place to find it.  We were riding past this street and Green says we should go down here, but he couldn't have lost it on that road because we hadn't gone down it that day.   I said no let's keep going, but then I said, actually yeah let's do it.  We ran into this women we've been trying to get in contact with for weeks!  Her mother had just passed away, and we were hopefully able to comfort her a
little. So we set a time to go back and talk about the Plan of Salvation. She really needs it. Anyway so that was all the cool stuff that happened this week. I love you guys. Love and miss you.

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