Sunday, August 28, 2016

14 August 2016

My new area is the Citrus Heights 4th and the Antelope YSA. Citrus Heights have their own stake so I'm not sure why they are in the Antelope stake. I just have to specify when someone asks what Ward we are in. So the YSA is the entire stake. So really we cover the whole Antelope zone. I haven't seen a lot of people just yet. It seems like as a Zone Leader we just help other missionaries all the time.  Like we give them rides places, we get them supplies,
just things like that. Which is awesome and I love it, but it's not the normal missionary work I am used to. Like visiting people all day. We didn't visit a lot of people and we definitely could have. I'd like to try to make that happen more. I know numbers don't matter but if we're the ZLs I would at least expect to keep my numbers up with the
other guys. I did get here just in time for a baptism! I'm not "counting it" since I didn't help find or teach him anything.  But it was kind of just cool to see. Yes, my companion and I are both zone leaders. But we have a third companion for a few more days. When I got the call for where I was going I was told I was going to be in a trio.
With Elder Lamatina.  Elder Lamatina is a 2 transfer missionary. He is doing a trial mission. To kind of test the waters. So he finished his transfers and he felt good, so they got him a new mission call.  (I forgot to mention he
is from Sacramento so he couldn't serve in this mission all 2 years).  He is going to Alabama.  He flies to the MTC on Wednesday morning. So I was only with him from Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning.

We went to President  Marston's yesterday to get Elder Lamatina set apart for his new mission. Then President
asked if we wanted lunch. I said yes please. So we all made nachos at his house, haha! It was quite fun! President Marston is a really cool guy. Our new apartment is a bit sketchy so probably don't send stuff here. But the mission office is in our area, so just send stuff to the mission office for now.  We can pick it up just like it was at our place. Zone Leaders switch off driving. So he drives one day and I drive the next. Lamatina doesn't get to drive.

I'm sad the granddaddy is so sick. It must be pretty discouraging. That seems miserable. I'm glad to hear is is out of the care center. We go to care centers all the time as missionaries to give blessings and what not, and I
haven't been to a single one where the patient has said they love the service, and the nurses do things orderly and on time. It's always complaints about the nurses taking their time and stuff like that. So I prayed that he would be taken care of there.

I've been pretty homesick this week, just getting to the new area, and the mission office always makes me depressed for some reason. Are you looking forward to school now? I'm sure it will be a good year. This is the last school year until I come home though! Then just a little bit of next year. But only like 2 months. I'm looking forward to that day right now. I miss and love you guys.

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