Sunday, August 28, 2016

20 July 2016

Mum, today we had interviews with president Marston.  In my interview he asked about my family and I told him about grandpa and he told me to email you as soon as we finish the interview. He wants me to Skype again. He said he felt a prompting to tell me that. So the next time you will be with grandpa we will Skype.

So on July 21st Elder Yule was able to Skype with my dad, his grandfather.  My dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last November.  He has been through chemotherapy, radiation, and a difficult surgical procedure to remove the cancer.  He came through all of those things really well, with few side effects.  But since the surgery, he has developed other complications and has been in and out of hospital and care centers since June.  What a wonderful blessing it was for President Marston to suggest that Calum Skype with his grandfather. It was a tender call. Both shared their testimonies of the gospel and their love and gratitude for each other and our family. I know it boosted the spirits of both of them. And touched me deeply.

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