Sunday, August 28, 2016

31 July 2016

I'm glad you and Heather are taking Riley to church. Like you said Riley needs to go. I think about how you used to drag me to church every Sunday. And I'm pretty positive that if you gave up and said "fine you don't have to go" I
probably wouldn't be on my mission.

Transfers are August 9. Next Tuesday. I'm definitely leaving. I've been in Chico for 6 months!! I can't even believe that. And my next area will be my third which is hard to believe too! I haven't collected too much stuff.  never thought a lot about pioneers until just a few weeks ago. It's hard to even imagine people doing that. It just feels so far fetched to relate to. I wish I didn't have a soccer tournament or something the week of trek.  It would have been a good experience.

This week was good. Yes, I'm excited to leave Chico, but I've reallymgotten close to a few families that I'm really going to miss. But I'm excited for what's next. This week was Elder Green's 11th week of training.  We call that the trial by fire week. He does just about everything! In the training plan it says, "the new missionary takes the lead in all finding, teaching, and planning events." So I get to follow his orders. He did ok. He has an incredible heart and is happy to be serving, and I think he will be more happy when he gets the hang of things. 

I love and miss you mum. I'm so proud that you work so hard as principal. You always have worked very hard at everything. I hope I grow into that trait, haha. Tell the girls and Riley I love them.

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