Sunday, August 28, 2016

8 August 2016

This week was good. I said goodbye to a few close families and packed. I knew I was leaving so I got an early start. We find out where we go on Sunday night. But Sunday afternoon President Marston was up in Chico doing some interviews.  So when we saw him he said give me a minute and I will tell you where you are going. So a minute later he took me into a room and said, "Elder Yule, we're going to call you to be a district leader, in the Anderson zone with Elder Behr", but President Marston told me before that I was going down south when I leave Chico.  (Anderson is in between Chico and Redding, so Anderson is north of Chico) He seemed kind of confused... So I wasn't really sure where I was going even when he told me haha! So I waited until the transfer calls. I'm actually going down to Antelope! Which is all the way down south. I'm going to be a zone leader down there
with my new companion Elder Stoddard.  I got some really good advice from my favorite missionary who actually goes home tomorrow, Elder Kelly. He's from Layton. He and I have gotten very close. I can't put his advice into words to best portray when he said, but the sum it up he said, this was a deciding moment in his mission and he sees that mine has gone in a pretty similar fashion to his. He told me this is where I solidify what kind of missionary I'm going to be. If I'm going to focus on others or myself. If I'm going to work hard or be lazy. That decision is 100% up to me with this new companion. I'm excited, but of course a little bit nervous.

My father was hospitalized again so I flew up to Seattle to be with him again.  I wrote to Calum that I worried about being gone from school when it's so close to the beginning of the year.  I had so much to do and wasn't sure how I would get it all done if I went up.  Calum's reply was...

I'm sad to hear about grandpa. I feel like Heavenly Father wants you to be up there, which means you will be able to get all of your work done.

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