Sunday, October 16, 2016

3 October 2016- Calum's 20th Birthday

Hi Mum! Sorry I haven't written. Early today we had to get tiwi put in our car. I might have already told you about it but if I didn't, it's basically a monitoring system for our car so we don't go too fast or drive aggressively.  So we were told it might take a few hours. Well the installation guy was late. So my P-day birthday started at 4.  We had to sit at the mission office from 10-4 so it wasn't the best p-day/birthday ever, but it's been an awesome day still. We got to see some other cool missionaries.
That's cool about our plant. Which one is it?
From my letter to Calum: Well, I hope you have a lovely birthday!  I am thinking about you and missing you very much.  You are on the downhill slide.  It's so hard to believe you have been gone a year.  I think about you and miss you every day.  But I never think about you being gone for two years.  That's such a long time.  I just think from one Monday to the next when I know I will hear from you.  So I really only miss you for one week at a time.  Have a wonderful birthday!  Celebrate with your companions.  Let me know everything you do.  
It really doesn't feel like a year!  But a lot has happened. I think it's the same for me, I just take it week by week and that doesn't seem to make it feel so long.
I'll write more later. I love you mum. I'm thankful for you guys at home and I miss you.

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