Monday, March 14, 2016

14 March 2016

Elder Phelps is really close with a family in Rocklin and they took us down and we did an endowment session.
It was so cool!!

My week was crazy!  We had zone conference, which was cool.  It rained non stop!  First we biked through a 6 inch puddle. Then through a little stream that went up to my calf.  Then we went on a little path under a bridge that was flooded.... It was literally up to my waist! I couldn't tell if I was being disobedient by swimming!  We didn't know it would be that deep.. We just kind of went and then half way through my entire butt was in a river.... Yeah it was crazy. We were already soaked from the rain so it didn't do much, but it was a bit scary and a bit fun, haha! We have this great new investigator who referred herself on, so she is really into it. She has been through a lot of sad stuff recently. So she loves the incredible message of the restored gospel and how Heavenly Father loves us. She is great. She even asked how she would go about getting baptized. Elder Phelps said "well first you talk to the missionaries." And she said "check." It's sweet, haha!  She is super excited and we are excited for her.

It was a good week but I hope this one is a little bit better and more dry. My shoes are fine. I might try to find a cheap pair of black dress shoes to wear in the rain because after wearing them in the rain they are soaked for days.

I miss you mum and I love you. I'm proud of you as well for being such a good principal. I bet your job is harder than mine. I get to tell people stuff they want to hear, and you don't always get to do that. Love you mum. 

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