Sunday, March 13, 2016

7 March 2016

This week was ROUGH! Yeah... Sunday a member gave us taco salad for dinner.  Monday night members gave us taco salad.  Tuesday there was a funeral for a woman in the ward and they had a dinner and they had leftovers so they thought the missionaries might need dinner.  So they came and dropped off some left over...... Taco salad! Haha! I hadn't been feeling well that day and the taco salad just made it worse. I was up throwing up all night.  I didn't want to wake up Elder Phelps so I decided if he asks me if I'm alright then I'll ask him to give me a blessing. Which wasn't a good plan.  About half an hour later he asked how I was doing. I said terrible, and will you give me a blessing. He gives incredible blessings. He said my sickness wouldn't affect our work.  But we stayed in the
apartment for 3 days. I kept throwing up.  But then on Friday we went out again and same on Saturday. And when we reported numbers ours were right on track with the rest of the zone!! How cool is that. Elder Phelps is going to be a patriarch someday.  I'm sure of it.
Elder Yule and Elder Phelps
Chico, California

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