Sunday, January 3, 2016

28 December 2015

Here's this week's little notes from December 28, 2015. Nothing incredibly interesting
happened really, other than talking to you guys on Christmas.

This is Saturday
Had a way sweet lesson with the W... family. It was on the gospel of Jesus Christ. I took the lead. It was the trial by fire lesson so I did most of it. She said something like "I  feel like I want to do good, I feel like I want to be happy and help others be happy." I asked, "what makes you feel like that?" It was better than that though, I can't remember exactly what she said and what I said but she said "wow, that's a very deep question, very provoking." She said that a couple of times after some of my questions. I feel like I'm just becoming a better teacher. I love it! It feels so good. At the end she said "you asked some very deep questions, it was amazing. I'm just so impressed by your maturity". We talked about how the spirit makes you rational.  They said their son seemed to think more, just contemplate more and analyze. They were so impressed. They see that we are too. She says it's amazing how much the church changes you. In a good way.

I love my zone. They're all really fun missionaries! Tell Riley Happy 3rd Birthday. I wish I could be there. I miss him lots.  

-Elder Yule

Photos from Christmas Day.  Skyping with our boy.  He looks and sounds so awesome!  We couldn't be more proud of him and his devotion to our Heavenly Father.

 Presents from Elder Yule.
Skype with Elder Yule.
Here are a few photos from Elder Yule's first mission Christmas in Redding, California.  25 Dec 2015

Elder Yule and Elder Bates.
He's grown a foot since he's been gone.

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