Sunday, January 24, 2016

23 January 2016

Transfers were two weeks ago and Elder Bates transferred out.  Elder Bean is Calum's new companion.  We have always loved Mr. Bean, and so we can't help but call his new companion Mr. Bean instead of Elder Bean.  Here are a few comments from last week's letter....

Hi mum, this week was great. It was just great. We're keeping super busy. Apparently Mr. Bean has the magic touch, he is always finding new investigators, so we are teaching a lot and it is so cool! I'm doing a lot better. I feel fine.  How's my little boy? How was school? Weirdly enough I'm kinda
missing high school. Just hanging out with friends and what not. But I'm loving it out here. It's a different kind of fun.   I'm skinny skinny skinny. My legs are getting tiny and my stomach is getting bigger. I'm kind of starting to look like dad a little bit.  Here is a picture of Elder Bean.
Also, a video of our haircuts.  We cut Elder Bean's first.  We didn't know a 4 would be so short.  But after we cut his, it was only fair for me to get mine cut too.

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