Sunday, September 11, 2016

28 August 2016

Hello mum, this week was good. There were some crazy moments this week. Just mentally I felt incredibly low. There were just little periods of depression. We had zone conference.  Because I'm a zone leader in the hosting zone I had to conduct the meeting. Which wasn't too bad. I got to see some of my old companions, Elder Phelps and Elder Bean, who are actually now companions. So we talked all the time about the good old days. Haha. They've told me when one of them does something they learned from me they say "Thats a Yule thing!" Haha.  I love those guys! Also in this zone conference the Antelope Zone had to do a musical number, so we decided we'd sing "We'll Bring the World his Truth (Army of Helaman)".   I borrowed a member's ukulele and I played the song while we sang it. It was awesome! I was really nervous to play in front of all those missionaries, but it went great! And it was really fun. The main focus of the zone conference was obedience. That's where those depressed periods came from I think. Not that I have been disobedient, but I can always do better and I just got really down that I haven't been doing better. Other than that it was a great week.

(So we thought it was pretty funny that Calum played the ukulele for the zone conference, because he doesn't play the ukulele!!!!  At least he didn't when he left.)

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