Friday, December 11, 2015

7 December 2015

This week was interesting. It was good, but I just haven't been feeling confident. I'm a bit depressed and I am a bit timid to answer questions because I keep doubting myself.  I felt like I should share my feelings and thoughts with a sister we were visiting, but every time I did I kind of prefaced it by saying "this is kind of just my opinion.." After a while of that she finally said "Elder Yule stop doubting yourself! Your opinion matters to me and other people. People need to hear the things you have to say."  But that's just showing that I need to have confidence. The spirit will guide my words if I am bold.

A fellow we are teaching wants to be baptized so badly, but he's waiting for approval. He said "I just feel bad that maybe I'm 'not good enough' to be in your church".  That really made me feel bad. I told him, "don't feel like you're not good enough for our church, there is an Elder Uchtdorf quote that goes something like 'the church isn't an automobile show room for people to show off their spirituality or their prosperity, it's more like an automobile service shop, where we go when in need of repair, or rehabilitation'.  I shared that with him and he liked that example, but he was still sad. It's hard to make someone not depressed. It just is.  You can bring them some joy, but if their overall emotion is depression, it is extremely hard to get them out of there.

During one conversation Elder Bates said we could give a sister a blessing. She said that would be great!  Elder
Bates said "I feel the impression that Elder Yule should say it".  I love giving blessings. It's such an honor to administer to someone in that way. It's amazing to me that Heavenly Father trusts me with such a sacred power. 

There was a huge parade in downtown Redding for Christmas. There were so many people we took it as an opportunity to talk to people and hand out cards.  We almost joined the parade - haha - we walked along the side and handed out cards and everyone took them!  It was awesome!  

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