Sunday, October 18, 2015

I got these pictures today in a text message from a family in Calum's mission.   He is in Redding, CA. They had Calum and his companion over for dinner today.  We don't know his companion's name yet.  I assume we will get an email tomorrow on his P-Day giving us more information.  The family said "Great young man!  Thanks for lending him to the Lord for a couple of years.  He's doing great, bishop had him bear his testimony in sacrament meeting today...We'll take good care of him here."  It turns out the husband in this family grew up and was best friends with the dad (Doug Johnson) of one of Calum's former soccer teammates (Alex Johnson).   What a small world.  Apparently, Doug was told that "Elder Yule is doing great for being so new."

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  1. So thankful that he made it to California safely and is already at it!! Can't wait to read about his first week!!